Reaction Injection Molding Process is an excellent choice for larger plastic parts produced in short run or low volume production quantities with below characters

• Polyurethane molded parts in 2-5 weeks
• Excellent flow ability allows molding complex geometry including: louvers, ribs, bosses and openings
• Superior cosmetic appearance for visibly critical applications
• Superb encapsulation ability

In addition to high strength and low weight, polyurethane Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) parts exhibit heat resistance, thermal insulation, dimensional stability, and a high level of dynamic properties. They also offer resistance to inorganic and organic acids as well as many other potentially damaging materials and chemicals including a large number of solvents. Resistance to weathering and aging is another plus, though extended exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays typically results in a color shift at the surface. Low processing temperatures (95F to 150F) and low injection pressures (30 to 100 psi) make the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process more economical than other molding methods for large parts.

• Lower your tool costs
• Complete design freedom
• Higher strength to weight ratio
• Improve or eliminate secondary operations
• No sink marks
• Lower weight
• Wide range of physical properties